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This Week's Issue is a hallmark in our goal of meeting the needs of people throughout the world.


My expression of gratitude for the present format of the Sentinel is long overdue.
items of interest

items of interest


Facing down disability

Sometimes healing is measured in increments of the heart, not instantaneous wholeness. The Melton family, of Dallas, has had both rocky, painful, moments and joyous, uplifting vision in their son Jason's spiritual journey of recovery after injuries by a hit-and-run driver.
When do you know the right decisions to make—and the right ones to stick to? When you feel an "unshakable peace."

Portrait of a committed marriage

An Interview with Subhash and Indu Malhotra Even though their marriage was arranged, this couple discovered what really makes a relationship work.


When you're young and doing professional ballet, you face everything from cutthroat competition to injury. Read how this 17-year-old does it.
Testimony of Healing

Help available immediately

I knew that she could, would, feel the love of the great Shepherd caring for her at that very moment.

Testimony of Healing

I stopped being afraid of missing the gymnastics meet.

Testimony of Healing

The only way to deal with the situation was to pray.

Testimony of Healing

Gratitude brings freedom

I began to thank God and my friends for all the good that was coming to me.


How I respond to a situation can change things–for better or worse.


life, Soul side

through the prism of faith bliss of self-giving

Investment perspectives

Spiritual insight offers perspective that's important to investors.

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