The best response to an emergency? Calm

Shock and anxiety at the scene of an accident; blaring ambulance sirens; frenzied efforts to help. Does the response to emergencies have to be filled with drama, fear, and confusion? No. As far back as I can remember, my family responded to sudden crises with calm and prayer. At such times, my parents' peace assured me that everything would be all right. And it was.

I'm not talking about a stoical calm that's indifferent to suffering and turns a cold shoulder to fear, nor about a superficial peace that ignores an urgent need. My parents had an equanimity that embraced us in the warmest, most comforting love you can imagine. They were able to respond with this kind of composure because they had repeatedly proved the healing power of prayer. They were confident that knowing our inseparable relation to God brings healing.

Coming together to compete
August 28, 2000

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