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To Our Readers

We tend to discount anything small, not realizing that when it is part of a whole, it has tremendous power:


The Sentinel is very precious to me.
items of interest

items of interest

"Don't Laugh at Me" is the name of a program being provided to children's camps accredited by the American Camping Association.

The antidote to voter apathy

By Richard Bergenheim Elections coming up in your area? It's important to participate in them. But even if you won't need to vote anytime soon, you can still lend your love to the electoral process, wherever it takes place.

What if you are attracted to a co-worker?

"Love was in the air," this author explains, when she suddenly found herself attracted to a colleague, in spite of the fact that she was married. What broke the spell? Physics, of all things—and prayer.

No idols—only heroes here!

Lo, the idol!Look at the form,Golden exterior,But hollow within.

The best response to an emergency? Calm

If peace is better than panic in ordinary circumstances, imagine how desirable it is in an emergency.

Coming together to compete

Don't miss this former professional baseball player's take on competition.
your decisions
Heading off to college, this author was filled with anxiety—until ...
There weren't semiautomatic weapons back in Bible times. Nevertheless, the Scriptures have plenty to say about replacing violence with peace.

See you in court?

As commonplace as they've come to be, lawsuits aren't the only—or necessarily the best—way to ensure justice.
Spiritual education for childrenIt does matter!Recognize those angels
Testimony of Healing

From turmoil to calm

I was being cradled in the loving arms of my heavenly Father.

Testimony of Healing

Recovery from injured ankle

Which ankle had been hurt? I couldn't tell.

Testimony of Healing

When I woke up the next morning, I was healed and hungry.

Testimony of Healing

Freedom from alcoholism

The compulsion to drink alcohol stopped.

Healing comes right along with spiritual growth when you're studying Christian Science.

Terrible teens? Not so

A fellow teacher reminded me, "They're teenagers. Just love them."


Prayer and the real world

Sometimes prayer involves a battle until we break through to peace and healing.

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