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To Our Readers

Crowd violence is contagious, they say.


I have just read "Always connected".
items of interest

items of interest

First Published in Britain, they're wildly popular, although some pundits raised doubts about them.

Let's end mob violence

Earlier this summer, mob violence broke out in New York City's Central Park. Unfortunately, it wasn't a one-of-a-kind incident. All too often, a few individuals' unchecked aggression incites others, and a "crowd mentality" takes over. But you can help at these moments to turn the tide away from violence and back to peace.
A few hours before I was to return to my country, my friend and his nine-year-old twin daughters took me to tour an old fort just outside their city.

Live and learn

Learning disabilities can be overcome.


Have you ever had to deal with a child who just wasn't interested in reading?

Home yet?

Take your home with you wherever you go—not on your back like a hermit crab, but in your heart.

Stand up for what's true about you

Employment problems? God is with you. Stand by Him!
The antidote to voter apathy

A psalm of summer

It's a day full of birdsong and bloomings,when heat has at last settled in,reaching the extremities—some collective, remembered fear of heat lingers—the locusts are silenced by a low-flying helicopter, briefly.

Goldie and Sam

The first face-to-face meeting between Goldie, a little parakeet, and Sam, a big Dalmatian went very badly—Goldie got hurt. But that's not the end of the story....

Dear Sentinel

I have a horse.
Testimony of Healing
The thought of calmness has helped me in many different situations, but I had never thought of it in relation to physical difficulties.
Testimony of Healing

Child prays and is healed

Later during that afternoon, I felt my teeth go back to their regular position.

Testimony of Healing

A lifetime of blessings

I have been free of headaches ever since.

Testimony of Healing

When I woke a few hours later, I was completely healed.

Testimony of Healing

I felt no fear, swelling, or pain.

Testimonies of healing are always welcome.

How I was healed of eczema

I was completely cured and have never had a recurrence.


God and the Internet

True power rests on the side of Truth.

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