Over the past two years I've had some opportunities to share Science and Health with friends. My mom works in a Christian Science Reading Room, and she encourages me to share the understanding I've found with others.

My first opportunity came in eighth grade. I was excused from health class because I didn't feel the study of disease was in line with my religious beliefs and practice. My teacher asked how my religion worked. I explained to her that we don't use drugs or medical methods, but instead we rely on God for healing. I also told her about church and explained that we use the Bible together with Science and Health as our pastor. She thanked me, and we went our separate ways. That Christmas, I got a copy of Science and Health and gave it to her, with a card attached that read, "This book has the answers to all your questions." Several weeks later, I got a thank-you card from her. The card said that she had started to read the book, and she was surprised at how concrete it was.

My second experience was when a friend told me that she was unsatisfied with her religion. She asked me how I could be so faithful, and I started to tell her about some of the healing I had had. She asked all sorts of questions, for example: "How do you know this works?" and "How do you heal?" I told her that I really didn't have all the answers, but I had some books that did! I asked if she wanted a small book or a large one. She replied, "Can I have the large one?" I told her that it was called Science and Health and that I would get her a copy as soon as I could. She thanked me and promised to read all of it.

Testimony of Healing
Skin condition and impaired vision healed
June 28, 1999

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