Healing following chemical explosion

One summer evening years ago, I was spraying pesticide on a clover field. The chemical I was using was quite hazardous, so I was wearing a gas mask and a plastic garment to protect me from spray. My work was running smoothly until the pump quit working on the sprayer. I drove the rig back to the shop to get tools to fix the pump. In the meantime, I took off my gas mask so I could see what I was doing. As I was working on the pump, I loosened two bolts that I shouldn't have. A covering on the top of the pump blew off. The system was under pressure, and chemical exploded directly into my face. For a moment my thinking and body locked up from the shock of the event. But after a bit, I mentally snapped out of the daze and intuitively reached out to God for help. I heard the blessed words: God is your Life. God is your Life. Hold on to this truth and everything will be OK.

Physically, my situation was not looking too OK. The pain in my eyes from the spray was so severe I didn't think I could possibly stand it. The smell was horrible. But I couldn't get away from the odor—the chemical was all over me. There was no one around to help, for everyone had gone home for the evening. The nearest water hydrant was a hundred feet away. I could not see to run, anyway.

June 28, 1999

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