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To Our Readers

Judging by the kind of advertising customary at this time of year, there are two seasons happening simultaneously—Christmas, of course, but also the cold and flu season.


I truly enjoy reading the Sentinel.
items of interest

items of interest

"I think love is.

How to prevent illness

If you saw a truck heading rapidly toward you as you crossed the street, you'd do well to get out of its way. Why not take the same approach to the season's highly promoted colds and flu—or to any illness, for that matter? There's a reliable way to maintain one's health and to prevent illness.


The flu was coming on—I could feel it.

Homesick in Mexico

What if you found yourself alone in an unfamiliar country, unable to communicate effectively, at Christmastime, no less? Could you find bountiful blessings in those circumstances? This author did.

Learning to be a Christian

Was Jesus God or the Son of God? It's an age-old debate, the answer to which directly affects how we follow the Master's example.
When children from Minneapolis—St. Paul team up with professional dancers from other cities to perform The City Children's Nutcracker, it's a treat for all, and for some, a dream come true.

Place your hand in God's

Here's a good reminder about safe travel this holiday season.

The dynamic of the holiday season

Considering the holidays in the context of Jesus' works highlights the holiness of the season.
The healing touch of Christ
your decisions

Trusting God to meet our need

Need more money? Read how this young man found his own needs met once he used what little he had to repay a debt.


I once thought that with my fourwheel drive vehicle I was ready for anything.
Testimony of Healing

Facial injuries healed through prayer

Very soon there was no trace left of the injuries.

Testimony of Healing

I simply sat and rejoiced. I was free; I was permanently healed.

Testimony of Healing

When I ran, I was free. I won the two-mile race.

Testimony of Healing

I am very grateful for this healing.

Testimony of Healing

Within two days I could walk again.


Fire's path is no match for God's care

That was the most successful and precious Christmas season of our thirty-four years in business.



Q Are Christian Scientists allowed to go to a doctor?

The silence of real Christmas

Christmas has the power to transform us.

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