Recurring nosebleeds overcome

One Sunday morning, I was having breakfast before going to church to perform my duties as an organist when I suddenly had a severe nosebleed that would not stop. It seemed quite frightening. My husband encouraged me by telling me what was spiritually true about me, and this was most comforting. When there was no change after about half an hour, however, he suggested that we either call a substitute organist or a Christian Science practitioner for treatment. We chose to call the practitioner, and I fully expected that complete healing would occur so that I could be at church on time. On the second call to the practitioner, I was able to talk to her myself. Soon after I hung up, the bleeding completely stopped.

We all rejoiced over this immediate answer to our prayers. I left for church as usual, and played for the church service, feeling free from fear and disturbance. However, during the following week there were several recurrences. Each time I relied completely on God's power to stop the bleeding. The Bible verse from James, "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you" (4:8), was certainly helpful to me during this time as I strove to draw ever nearer to God.

Parasites can't feed on you
May 11, 1998

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