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To Our Readers

Earlier This Year, The Christian Science Monitor ran a story with the headline "Black Man's Unlikely Odyssey Tempers KKK Racism".


Thank you for the article "Your prayer—immediater help in a disaster" in the March 16 issue.
items of interest

items of interest

Up To 85 percent of all college students drink alcoholic beverages, and nearly half of them drink heavily.
Have you ever looked, really looked, into the eyes of someone who has mistreated you, of someone you would describe as an enemy? Prompted by God, this author did just that. You may be surprised what a difference it made in her outlook.

Survivor or conqueror?

Learn how you can come out a conqueror, whatever the odds.

Armed against the devil

Diablo—it's a popular game played on the Internet. In one instance, it was also the occasion for a lesson in mental self-defense.

Job hunting: the answer is at hand

This author's prayer showed her that, to her surprise, the job she needed was practically in her own backyard.

Suddenly the lake steamer stopped

Through prayer and swift action, crew members come to the rescue when another boat capsizes.

What can heal the brokenhearted?

Nuktalachi—it's a Chocktaw word that shines with the promise of healing. That promise is yours to claim, now.
Life without voids, or supermarket tabloids

Brainpower or God's power?

On many college campuses tests lie ahead and terms papers are due. Here's help for students—or anyone facing an examination.


Artists and writers sometimes complain about how difficult it can be to find inspiration.
Testimony of Healing

Injuries quickly healed

For me this healing remove all doubt as to the effectiveness of Christian Science healing.

Testimony of Healing

Injured wrist restored

I haven't had a headache at all since this illumination of my thought.

Testimony of Healing

Chronic headaches eliminated

The whole problem has been resolved completely and permanently.

Testimony of Healing
One Sunday morning, I was having breakfast before going to church to perform my duties as an organist when I suddenly had a severe nosebleed that would not stop.

Parasites can't feed on you

Be on guard! No inflammation, infection, or addiction can hang on to us.



Q Do you accept the virgin birth of Jesus and his crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension?

The deer in my driveway

Pollution, deforestation, habitat loss—I began to pray specifically about these urgent issues.

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