Spirituality: an antidote to crime

What can we, as concerned citizens, do to help this world of ours? Can a more spiritually-minded view help?

The Science of Christ offers a radical, spiritual perspective. It shows us that because God made man in His image and likeness, he can be neither evil, depraved, nor deprived. Since God is good, is Spirit, His image must be good and spiritual. God's man is loving and lovable, truthful and honest, just and compassionate, pure and innocent—the exact opposite of so-called mortals. When we learn even a little of the real man and his spiritual, immortal nature, negative feelings and behavior begin to disappear from our consciousness, and consequently from our experience. This change occurs through the spiritualization of thought. The allness of God, Spirit, is the starting point of all right reasoning.

There is a right way out
August 4, 1997

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