Consider this: You're sitting in a beautiful, breezy, sunlit field surrounded by wildflowers and butterflies. But you've got earplugs on and a hood over your head, and you're wearing clothes that are way too warm. Someone, with no hood, earplugs, or winter clothing, tells you about the field, the butterflies, and the breeze. You don't believe him at first. But, then, that person helps you remove the hood. You see the field for the first time. You're amazed. He shows you how to remove the earplugs. You are even more convinced. Finally, you change your entire wardrobe, and you're there.

But did you need to go anywhere? Did your surroundings change? No. Here's my point. When I think of people encountering Jesus, and his explaining that heaven was right where they stood, I think of those people having their eyes opened and their ears unplugged and really hearing—perceiving spiritually—what was and is right there all the time.

How did heaven begin?
June 9, 1997

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