God's law: perfect and irreversible

For many years, I suffered with migraine headaches that would incapacitate me for days. It seemed that nothing could help. After a well-recognized clinic found a tumor that some doctors thought to be inoperable, I began to study Christian Science. I was healed of the tumor, of other physical problems, and of character flaws, but the migraines did not seem to yield. Instead of the injections previously prescribed, I would ask for Christian Science treatment from a practitioner. The suffering would subside for a while, but the migraines would recur.

This went on for several years until I finally took a stand based on my growing understanding of spiritual reality. I was learning that innocence and freedom from all sickness are divine rights that belong to everyone because sickness has no law of God to support it. I realized that my suffering rested on the false premise that I am a material being with a material body subject to material laws. Instead, I knew that God's creation is spiritual and that God's law of good never sent sickness to any of His children, including me. God's law is meant to bring joy, not suffering.

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June 9, 1997

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