Several years ago while I was using electric hot rollers to style...

Several years ago while I was using electric hot rollers to style my hair early one morning, the plastic outer shell of one of the rollers slipped off as I removed it from the base heating element. My fingers and palm were clenched around the scorching metal core. I shook my hand free. My first thought was of the great pain. I rejected that thought, however, on the basis that God doesn't cause or permit accidents. God's man is spiritual and perfect, because God made man in His image. There's no need to try to make comfortable that which has never been uncomfortable.

The temptation came to "take a quick look" to see if the healing was coming along. What subtlety! The need was to eradicate the vivid impression of injury from thought, not to add to it. Then the thought came to wake up my husband to have him help me pray, but I quickly saw that at that moment waking my husband would have been motivated by self-pity—by wanting sympathy rather than prayerful treatment. One more argument needed to be dealt with—the belief that I could be disabled for days by this injury. This was annihilated as I prayed with a passage from Unity of Good by Mary Baker Eddy that I had committed to memory from the joy of applying it many times over the years: "Jesus required neither cycles of time nor thought in order to mature fitness for perfection and its possibilities" (p. 11). I reasoned that the laws of omnipresent and omnipotent God, through which Jesus healed instantly every type of malady, are just as present today as in his time. As his follower, I could also speak with Christlike authority to the false claims of matter-based laws.

May 12, 1997

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