Healing at 30,000 feet

I was in an airplane at 30,000 feet. I had symptoms of a cold. My ears were congested, and the pain was excruciating. During a short layover, I rushed to an airport telephone to ask a friend to pray for me. I needed relief from the pain quickly because my next plane was boarding.

With the help of my friend and through my own prayer, I felt the unspeakable tenderness of my divine Parent. I perceived God as unopposed Love and understood His nature to be the only actual influence, the cause of good alone. Congestion and pain have no authority in divine Love, the perfectly ordered Principle of being! In the allness of God's presence, there can be no pressure, no excess, no deficiency, no congestion. I knew this to be true. My ears cleared. The cold was gone! I walked out to the plane with the exhilarating joy that often accompanies an instant realization of man's God-derived perfection.

Peace behind the wheel
May 12, 1997

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