"It's exciting up here!"

We'd hired an experienced logger to take down a seventy-five-foot-tall mountain hemlock tree that had grown dangerously close to our house. We loved and enjoyed that tree. But it had grown to within a few inches of the roof peak, and we discovered the trunk pushing into the foundation of the house. Reluctantly we decided the tree had to come down.

We watched the logger ascend the tree, trimming off branches as he climbed. There was a rhythm to his work. Finally he reached the point where he could cut off the top ten feet. He attached ropes, sawed off the top, and two men on the ground pulled the loose piece down. We looked up and saw the logger swaying widely back and forth on what was left of the tree—sixty-five feet up. He shouted, "I don't know how it looks from down there, but it's exciting up here!"

Where is He?
November 6, 1995

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