Protecting children and religious freedom

Editor's Note: The question of child abuse and neglect continues to be a vital issue on society's agenda. Children deserve the best and the most responsible care parents can provide. Many lawmakers, educators, and concerned citizens today are giving thoughtful consideration to the rights of children and their parents and to the most effective ways of preserving those rights for the benefit both of families and society. The following article is printed in full from The Christian Science Monitor, November 3, 1993. Its author is Republican minority leader of the Massachusetts State Senate.

The founders of our country and the authors of our Constitution and Bill of Rights knew the danger posed to minority religions by political domination from citizens raised in mainstream religions. That is why those documents were written to protect religious practices that are at variance with the majority's. Peoples and nations the world over have followed our lead in trying to curb the coercive power that a religious majority may seek to impose.

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February 7, 1994

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