The Sentinel is meant to be shared. In a world that is increasingly hungry for spiritual meaning, the Sentinel provides vital nourishment. Here's how one of our readers shared it.Let us know of your experience in sharing the Sentinel.

"On a plane recently I was sitting across the aisle from a young family whose children were so beautifully behaved, I couldn't help being impressed. We conversed a little, and when it was time to leave, I found in my purse that Sentinel on the subject of raising good children, the one with the twins in the stroller on the cover. I hesitated—should I give them this Christian magazine? Something just felt right about it, so I took the Sentinel out and asked them, 'Would you be interested in reading a little magazine during your vacation on the subject of what you're already doing so well, raising good children?' The husband reached out and exclaimed, 'Why yes, we'd like that very much' and accepted it eagerly.

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