Last summer I started marching in my high-school band

Last summer I started marching in my high-school band. I was excited about playing in the band, but when the director put me in the middle of the third section of trumpet players, suddenly music wasn't fun anymore. My group didn't play the melody, and the music was hard to read. I couldn't believe someone could play this part and also keep in step. I found starting and stopping at the proper times difficult.

One day the director passed out a new set of music and said we had been invited to participate in a parade. he told us to take the music home and memorize it. One particular song had a lot of staccato notes and was very difficult. I tried to learn the music, but the staccato notes seemed to be a problem for me. The teacher who gave me private lessons was on vacation, and there were only two band practices before the week of the parade. I became disappointed and frightened, and I decided to quit.

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September 14, 1992

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