Beginners can heal

It isn't the years we have been a Christian Scientist that enable us to heal, but our obedience to the ever-available, unchanging laws of divine Science.

Christian Science is a Science—the Science of true being, which enables us to understand God's nature and man's relationship to Him. The minute one learns one of the basic, spiritual laws of divine Science and puts it into practice, one can see evidence of healing. That's why even beginners in the study of this Science can heal.

My first acquaintance with this Science came when our five-year-old daughter was instantaneously healed of a raging fever through the prayer of a woman who had been a Christian Science practitioner for over fifty years. After a history of constant illnesses throughout our daughter's life, my husband and I were more than ready to accept Christian Science not just as a religion but as a way of life. After all, the results of this one healing were so remarkable and wonderful! A sickly child changed into a healthy, happy little girl. A mother, burdened by the strain of continuing fear as well as nursing duties, now able to sleep through the night without having to administer medicine every few hours to a frightened child. A father suddenly free of the constant financial drain from medical bills. This is what Christian Science brought into our home.

September 14, 1992

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