Overthrowing the tyranny of fear and disease

Who of us was not heartened by last year's world-transforming events in what was then the Soviet Union? A popular revolt in that country foiled a coup intended to restore the state dictatorship. Subsequently, many who had long suffered under the corrupt political system represented by the coup leaders were emboldened. Television newscasts showed an exuberant crowd of some 10,000 people looking on as construction cranes toppled a fourteen-ton statue of the founder of the feared secret police force—and this in plain sight of the headquarters of the organization. Repression was giving way before the people's eyes. A woman was interviewed who, with a radiant smile, captured the feeling of the moment. "We're not afraid anymore!" she exclaimed simply.

Like most people, I was deeply moved by these individuals' courage and love of freedom. I felt some of their joy and thankfulness vicariously. But even more than that, and on a much deeper level, I honestly felt as though I were seeing reflected back to me some hint of my own experience in coming free from repressive conditions.

Facing large-scale concerns with prayer
March 30, 1992

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