Knowing what we know

A true knowledge of God, however "small," is never too little to heal.

There's a story about a mathematics professor who promised a prize to any student who could solve a problem outlined on the blackboard. One by one the students tried, but each was told he was wrong, and each returned to his desk defeated. Finally, the last student worked the problem, arriving at the same answer as the rest. When he was told it was wrong, however, he stood fast, insisting he was right. The professor, instead of being angry, was greatly pleased. He turned to the others and said, "All of you knew the right answer but could be easily persuaded you did not. Here is the student who knew that he knew, and he wins the prize."

Do we ever forfeit the prize of Christian healing because we are persuaded that we do not know enough to heal? As followers of Christ Jesus, how firmly do we plant ourselves on what he taught? To those willing to "continue in" his word, he said simply, "Ye shall know the truth ...." Then he explained that it's the truth we're knowing that makes us free. Christian Science reinforces Jesus' description of the spiritual knowledge that heals. It teaches that the responsibility of his followers in the role of healing is to know the truth he taught and demonstrated.

December 21, 1992

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