Perceiving our Godlike identity heals

If we identify ourselves simply by what can be seen in a mirror, we'll not perceive what is best about us.

Have doctors said there's no hope for your loved one? Have you tried to break free from drugs, alcohol, or tobacco but found it impossible? Are you a victim of injustice, grief, or heredity? Whatever the condition tormenting you, there is a truly demonstrable, Christianly scientific system of healing that is sure and available to everyone.

This spiritual law of healing—which Christ Jesus and his followers demonstrated in the first century of the Christian era, and which Mrs. Eddy explores in her writings on Christian Science—enables us to identify ourselves and others in ways that supersede physical, social, or financial measurements. No matter where we live or come from, no matter what our status in life, we each can, through prayer, arrive at a satisfying answer to the new/old question "Who am I?"

In his epistle to the Christians at Rome, the Apostle Paul summed up his answer to mankind's "identity crisis" in these six words: "We are the children of God." Jesus revealed the all-embracing truth that God is Spirit. Therefore, to be the children of God—the offspring of incorporeal Spirit—must mean that the truth of who we are transcends material appearances. We have the divine right and Christly obligation to identify ourselves and others as the spiritual sons and daughters of our Father-Mother God. Universal Spirit does not know us by human classifications: as male and female, Christian and non-Christian, master and servant, rich and poor, black, brown, or white.

April 1, 1991

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