Christian healing: it's always a conversion experience

What's at the very heart of Christian healing? A profound conversion of thought that brings to light the wholeness and goodness of man in God's image.

Do Christian Scientists believe in Christian conversion? Yes, they do. Like other Christians, they believe in the power of Christ Jesus' words and works to enter a person's heart, touch him, and totally transform his life. What's more, they believe this conversion experience has power today to heal sickness and disease, as well as overcome sin. They see the many bodily healings they have experienced as concrete evidence that Christ, Truth, is a present-day, scientific healing power.

To the Christian Scientist, this conversion to Christ isn't just a one-time thing. It demands more than a mere confession of faith or belief in Jesus as a personal Saviour. For one to be truly saved, his initial faith must flower into spiritual understanding. This is why, to the Christian Scientist, conversion is an ongoing process. It demands an ever-deepening commitment to and realization of the spiritual truths, the very Science, that lay behind the seemingly miraculous works of Jesus.

May 7, 1990

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