Listening to God and loving the community

Police work—if we were to believe television and film dramas—means choosing between two alternatives: frustration or violence. But police officers like Jane Moran give a different picture: a law enforcement that calls for steady watchfulness, commitment to service—and prayer. In this interview we asked Mrs. Moran to talk with us about her work in a moderately sized community in the northeastern United States— particularly about the importance she places on spiritual intuition and listening to God.

When my youngest child was in kindergarten, I felt I wanted to work part time, and it opened up for me to be a part-time dispatcher working nights at the police department. While I was there working those midnight shifts, the experiences I had really opened up my thought to the community and people I was working with. And as officers would bring drunk arrests and others into the police department, I felt that because of prayer things would often be calmer or they might move along more quickly as opposed to other times when I would hear a different kind of story. It made me feel at the time that I could really be a police officer.

Racism and Christly love
January 15, 1990

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