When I was a young woman I sometimes suffered from asthma

When I was a young woman I sometimes suffered from asthma. I would have the prayerful assistance of a Christian Science practitioner and get relief for a while, but then the condition would return. This went on for about three years.

One day a practitioner I called to pray for me helped me see that there is no such thing as a casual Christian Scientist. We don't just use Christian Science in order to receive "the loaves and fishes." I recognized that I had been studying Science only when there was a problem to deal with or when the practitioner who was helping me asked me to read some particular passages from the Bible or from Mrs. Eddy's writings. You could say that I had been using Christian Science as an expedient only.

Then I saw that if we are committed to practicing Science, we need to study the Bible Lessons, obey the Ten Commandments, and pray daily for ourselves and the world. In his Sermon on the Mount, Christ Jesus gave us guidance in how to live (see Matt., chaps. 5–7).

September 14, 1987

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