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Since becoming acquainted with Christian Science I have found...

Since becoming acquainted with Christian Science I have found that it is a most practical teaching, for through my study of it I have learned to think and to act more intelligently in the face of difficult situations, especially those involving crimes.

One day I entered my home to find that in every room drawers were open or had been taken out, clothing and papers had been thrown on the floor, and many items were missing. As I walked through inspecting the home, I kept reminding myself that crime and disruption and injustice are not the truth of God or of man, who is His likeness. I felt great calm and dominion, and not for a single moment did I feel any anger or distress.

That afternoon I went to work and, upon returning home, telephoned a Christian Science practitioner. He explained that because divine Love is ever present and all-acting, error or evil has no power; neither is it a person. He said that once uncovered and seen for what it is—an illusion—error destroys itself.

October 5, 1987

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