Deeper spiritual roots support healing

Growth isn't always apparent on the surface. Strengthening our spiritual roots is the vital preliminary to more visible progress.

I Sat by my window, staring out at our hundred-year-old maple trees and thinking about the incredible root structure that must support those massive trees. The root growth of a tree is at least equivalent to the growth above ground. This triggered a spiritual awakening in my thinking. I had been discouraged with my healing efforts. I just didn't seem to be making headway with many of the problems I had been working on. I wondered why first healings in Christian Science are often so dramatic and quick, while later healings sometimes seem to be so much more difficult.

Then I looked at a tiny seedling growing beside the huge maples. It had one small root, but that was sufficient to support and care for all its needs. Just like a new student of Christian Science! I saw that roots could be symbols of spiritual growth. One truth, practiced, is enough at first to bring healing.

The blessings are always there
October 5, 1987

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