Rise up new!

Surely everyone wants to believe that life is always fresh and full of promise, just as it is described at the start of the Bible, when God pronounced everything good. But really believing that life can be always good may seem incongruous in the face of such challenges as disability, aging, sickness, or deprivation of opportunity.

When we look into Christian Science, however, we begin to see that life is not what the physical senses would have us think. We learn that our very being, including its eternal existence and infinite purpose, is spiritual, perpetually new in perfect Life, God. Then we begin to grasp that whatever would contradict this can be overcome. Yet to someone who has never felt the newness of life that Science explains—or to someone deeply afraid—proofs of this overcoming, such as those related in the testimony section of this periodical, may seem incredible.

Strength to come through the storm
October 5, 1987

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