"I have so much to be grateful for, and I am grateful, and...

"I have so much to be grateful for, and I am grateful, and I want to share my healings with others." These were my first thoughts when I decided to write a testimony. But then came suggestions: "I can't write! I can't put the words together intelligently. I just don't have the know-how. It's impossible for me!" However, as I listened for an answer, this came: "Yes, you can of yourself do nothing. It is your Father who does the work [see John 5:30]. God is divine intelligence, the creative Principle of the universe, and you, as His reflection, have the abilities He gives you." Acting on this truth, I wrote down the healing that follows.

When our daughter was young she had frequent earaches. One night in particular she was in much pain, feverish, and crying. I was trying to be calm and to pray, when other family members (who aren't Christian Scientists and who, naturally, were concerned) suggested I contact a doctor. Well, this really turned me completely to God for help and healing. As I reached out in prayer, I first acknowledged God's tender, loving ever-presence; His allness and complete power. The Glossary definition of ears from Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy came to thought (p. 585): "Ears. Not organs of the so-called corporeal senses, but spiritual understanding.

September 15, 1986

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