Parting with a painful past

Sometimes we may be tempted to look into our past and recount experiences that have been unpleasant, unjust, and perhaps terrifying. But one of the important points illustrated by Jesus' life was that the power of the Christ, the eternal Truth he taught and so fully demonstrated, can eradicate all shades of sadness and dissolve the scars that may be left from such events.

Here was a man who had been hated, reviled, misunderstood, crucified, and placed in a sepulcher. Yet upon seeing his friends after the crucifixion, there was no rehearsal of suffering or pain, no complaint about the injustices inflicted upon him, and no attempt to strike back at his accusers. At one of his last meetings with the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias, his concern was only for them. "Come and dine" John 21:12. was his loving invitation.

What makes sense?
March 17, 1986

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