Lift up your vision of reality— and see healing's harvest now

The image of harvest time is often used as a metaphor for a season of plenty, abundant blessings, baskets overflowing with the fruits of one's good work. Yet there may be periods in one's life when it doesn't seem as if there is much to be grateful for. These times might even feel like extended droughts or like cold, hard winters. The harvest of any good may seem either impossible to accomplish or relegated to a season long past or a season long in coming.

Christ Jesus turned his followers in another direction. He recognized that one's vision of reality is what makes all the difference. It is never that there isn't good to be gathered but rather that people sometimes tend to look for it in the wrong places or else not look for it at all. Vision that turns inward, looking solely on the so-called mortal condition, or downward where perceptions are closed in and confined by materiality, cannot see what is truly going on. And what is truly going on is the eternal unfolding of unlimited good, which expresses the law of divine reality—the law of God's kingdom at hand.

Individual decisions: collective blessings
September 23, 1985

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