Stolen waters and secret bread

There's an element in human thought that loves to get away with something wrong. With a secret, thrilling satisfaction someone may hope to acquire some money that doesn't belong to him and to enjoy the extra things it will buy. Or perhaps someone steals a car for a very short joy ride, feeling he has outsmarted others because he doesn't get caught. A verse in Proverbs pictures a loose woman saying to a passer-by, "Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant." Prov. 9:17.

Many people make their living through publicly condemned sinful deeds, such as drug peddling, prostitution, theft, even murder. Most of us are far from that deplorable condition of complete immersion in overt sin. But are there areas in our lives where a certain delight exists when we're doing something wrong? If so, character regeneration needs to take place, and we have to wrest ourselves free from the love of sin.

Exodus from moral dilemma
June 3, 1985

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