Reconciled to God through Christ

Over the years I've met people who for one reason or another had come to feel as though they'd been cut off from everything good. Some of these people felt alienated by financial circumstances; some were seriously ill; some were in prison; some had committed sins that they thought were unforgivable. And some merely felt that their lives didn't count for very much—even if they had accomplished a degree of material success in their careers.

All of these people needed reconciliation to God. I know for certain that some found it. They turned to the Science of Christ, and they discovered something deeper than they'd recognized before of God's real nature as illimitable Love, ever-present Spirit, immutable Truth. They were touched by the redeeming action of God's dear Christ, His true idea voicing good. The Christ message gave them new hope. The Christ purified and renewed them, regenerated and healed them—brought them back to God. These people feel freer now than they ever believed possible. They are free to be about their Father's business, to do His will, to glorify Him, to lead joyful, truly productive Christian lives.

Testimony of Healing
I was brought up in Christian Science and was...
July 30, 1984

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