In our family it was my grandmother's thought that was first...

In our family it was my grandmother's thought that was first touched by the healing power of Christ, Truth. Grandmother did housework in the home of a family who were Christian Scientists, and one day she was burdened with a heavy cold. The young boy in the family asked my grandmother if he could pray for her. She agreed, and the boy went off to school. About halfway through the morning, Grandmother suddenly felt very free and the cold symptoms vanished. When she learned that the child had indeed prayed for her (during recess), Grandmother was very impressed.

Her interest in Christian Science drew my mother to its teachings. As a result, our family was taught to rely wholly on God as our only physician and guide, and we have been abundantly blessed. Since I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Christian Science Sunday School, I have known no other way of life than Christian Science.

July 16, 1984

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