I am a married man with two young children, and well in advance...

I am a married man with two young children, and well in advance of completing a postgraduate course at university I prepared for the next step of finding proper employment. I started off by drawing up a list that included such things as the type of work I preferred to do and where we would like to live. I then read a wonderful pamphlet on employment, which I had bought in a Christian Science Reading Room. One of the articles, which I found very helpful, made the point that we should not try to use God to solve our problems. Instead we should use our problems as an opportunity to express God. If we stopped trying to employ God for our own willful purposes, we would soon find Him employing us for His purposes.

After thinking about these statements I felt that I had placed too much importance on drawing up a list. In doing so I had been trying to employ God for my own purposes. In effect I was saying, "Well God, this is what I want. When You have arranged it, let me know!" This was clearly a wrong approach. So I threw the list away and decided to find out what God wanted me to do.

Testimony of Healing
In our family it was my grandmother's thought that was first...
July 16, 1984

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