The New Testament relates the experience of a rich ruler,...

The New Testament relates the experience of a rich ruler, who passed up a grand opportunity because he was unwilling to give up his earthly treasures to follow Christ Jesus (see Luke 18:18-30). This experience would indicate that true sacrifice is a denial of power to false trusts. On many occasions it used to seem a sacrifice for me to give up what I believed was peace, until I realized that this peace was merely trust in an established routine that fought interruption. True peace, I came to learn, is quite different. It includes the strength and love Jesus always manifested.

Several years ago I accepted a position in a small accounting office. I had no problem with the executives, but interaction with other well-qualified personnel was far from smooth. I felt the abrasiveness of resentment, and the language was hostile. Yet I was mentally quite apathetic toward the whole situation.

One cold winter day as I was homeward bound, walking to the railroad station, my thoughts were far from Christly; rather they were indignant! As I stepped from a curb, I saw a bus barreling through a red light toward the area I would cross. I stopped quickly, but my foot slipped off the curb and I fell on my knees. I felt sharp pains in my legs and knees. But instantly Mrs. Eddy's words about the nature of the real man came to me: "... unfallen, upright, pure, and free."The entire passage from Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy reads (p. 171): "Through discernment of the spiritual opposite of materiality, even the way through Christ, Truth, man will reopen with the key of divine Science the gates of Paradise which human beliefs have closed, and will find himself unfallen, upright, pure, and free, not needing to consult almanacs for the probabilities either of his life or of the weather, not needing to study brainology to learn how much of a man he is." I rose quickly and went on my way rejoicing, with hymns of praise to God in my heart. The pain in my knees left, and in humility I readily admitted that there was a need to turn wholeheartedly to God for guidance in the relationship problems I was having at work.

June 11, 1984

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