Spirituality brings true contentment

How to find true contentment is a question that challenges individuals everywhere. Being content is an especially valuable asset for anyone who sincerely desires to grow in the ability to demonstrate God's healing power.

Generally people believe that being content is dependent upon material conditions: where they live, the friends they have, the amount of money they have, the possessions and position they have attained. As significant as all these things may be in human experience, still there is a deeper dimension to the subject of contentment which can be found only in our relationship to God.

As God's image and likeness, our actual selfhood is wholly spiritual. So for us to be completely satisfied, our innate spirituality as God's idea must be developed and find expression in our lives. In fact, if we're feeling restless, discontented, always wanting to have more, that very dissatisfaction itself might be an indication that we need something more spiritually rewarding than what we have.

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June 11, 1984

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