Ageless vitality

Numbers and musical notes are entities governed by rules of accuracy and harmony. They never grow old, become decrepit or ineffective because of the passage of time. How much more does this same immunity, to any declining, aging, dying process, characterize man—the divine idea or reflection of the one Mind, God!

Our real life stems from God. And as our day-by-day living becomes more Godlike, we more fully express the Christly qualities of honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion, and love. These ageless qualities, derived from God's nature, help us recognize and accept our true identity as God's pure, spiritual idea. And to the degree we understand this incorporeal selfhood, our bodies will be less subject to the limitations of physicality. The wear and tear of human experience can never sap the ageless qualities of vitality, strength, and energy. Our expression of these qualities is a Christly force that holds us close to God and imbues us with a higher degree of health, strength, and continuing well-being.

No $4 bills
May 28, 1984

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