Did God give us free will?

To many people the belief that God gave us our own free will, to choose whether or not to obey Him, is comforting. It seems to explain the contradiction between a good creator and a sinning person. If we're to blame for our own sins, so the theory goes, then God cannot be held responsible—and that leaves the concept of a good God intact. But it also raises many questions about His ultimate responsibility for creating such a vulnerable man in the first place.

Christian Science brings a different perspective to the subject. It reveals, and it enables us to demonstrate, that man is not a sinning mortal. He is the incorporeal reflection of God. Man is God's, Spirit's, own likeness. God did not create a man who has a fallible mind of his own with which to choose sin. God, good, is the only Mind there is, and man reflects this divine Mind. God is the source of man's infinite individuality and freedom.

The importance of being thorough
November 5, 1984

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