Give way to right

"Give way to right" is the imperative demand of divine Principle, Mind, God, to all human thinking, for from Principle evolves all spiritual law, which, if obeyed, ensures continuing order and harmony. Principle invariably gives the right of way to the way that is right—that meets with divine approval, that is obedient to spiritual law—and the right way never gives place to anything which opposes or is unlike itself. The right way, by its very nature, must inevitably bless; it can never harm.

In Australia, where motorists drive on the left, I saw a traffic sign that led to my thinking about the spiritual truths stated above. The sign declared: GIVE WAY TO RIGHT. It was clear, direct, and offered safety to all using the road intersection, provided it was obeyed. If the direction was not obeyed, the traffic could get snarled, disorder and disruption might result, and confrontation with the law was probable.

Prophesying correctly
October 1, 1984

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