For some years I suffered with a sinus infection

For some years I suffered with a sinus infection. I had support through prayer at different times from Christian Science practitioners, but not until one helped me recognize the error as morbid thought did the light of Truth begin to dawn in my consciousness. This practitioner was not able to take my case at the time, but she referred me to the allegory of a trial on pages 430-442 of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, specifically this statement by one of the witnesses (p. 431): "Morbid Secretion hypnotized the prisoner and took control of his mind, making him despondent." My first reaction to reading this was to think, I am a happy individual and have never been troubled by morbidity. But Christian Science has taught me how to listen spiritually, and not to let self-righteousness block the way to correction.

In a short time I saw that I had been holding deep resentment toward one relative, who had passed on some years before. His actions had caused much unhappiness for others and especially for one I loved dearly.

July 11, 1983

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