God's law, not Murphy's

"If anything can go wrong, it will." Murphy's Law, that's called. Of course, it isn't really a law at all. But it might as well be, if we are harboring in thought—even amusedly—the notion that at times some power seems to be working against us.

As long as we are laboring under the assumption that we have no choice but to submit, aren't we, in essence, making it law? Thinking "This isn't my day" or "Just my luck" is a signal we're succumbing to "Murphology." But we needn't stay in its clutches another second. "You are a law unto yourself," Science and Health, p. 385. Mrs. Eddy points out in Science and Health, the Christian Science textbook. And later in the same book she states, "How important, then, to choose good as the reality!" Ibid., p. 481.

Self-government? or a ticket to Tarshish?
April 11, 1983

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