Destroying destructiveness

Have you ever tried to destroy an idea? Perhaps you've resisted an idea, rejected it, stormed at it, only to find at the end of the day that it was still there, quietly waiting for you to appreciate it. Rather like throwing something at a sunbeam on the wall and watching it continue to shine quite unharmed.

The value of things that can't be destroyed is made more apparent by the destructiveness now prevalent all over the world. Ideas come high in this category. But what sort of ideas are truly indestructible? Spiritual ideas. The spiritual facts of being. These are basic, enduring, unchanging. They have always been true and always will be true. And we recognize them through prayer, which arouses in us a deepening conviction of their truth, spiritualizing our thought and making the pointlessness of destructiveness apparent. Then rebellious and destructive feelings progressively disappear.

Sure dwelling
April 11, 1983

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