Healings that are permanent

With remarkable inventiveness, people have developed many systems of healing over the centuries. But there is only one method that is truly scientific and gives the sufferer permanent relief: the approach taught and demonstrated by Christ Jesus.

The thing that's so striking about innovative material schemes, that are supposed to heal, is the way they continue to flourish even though the Master has already provided a complete spiritual solution. Yet when one examines his teachings that demand so much, it's not so surprising that a variety of systems should thrive. Other procedures demand so much less. Healing through the Christ, Truth, calls on mortals to give up their conviction that existence is based in matter. Other therapeutic methods allow the individual to cling to his age-old belief that life and well-being exist in and are dependent on materiality. Admittedly, that's not an easy belief to begin relinquishing.

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September 6, 1982

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