Grace—calm amid the storm

Grace has its source in deific Mind. It includes mercy, virtue, harmony, and serene simplicity, which come as we learn to anchor thought in divinity. One who expresses grace can walk through a storm of resentment and confusion and still remain at peace. Grace silently declares good in the face of evil and is quietly unafraid. The Christian's grace saves him from turning sour and giving up. It comes as he strives to live in obedience to God. Grace grows in his life as he embraces this quality.

Different people turn to different sources to bolster their strength when they face severe trials. One stands firmly on his self-respect, experience, and achievements. Another revives his faint heart by carefully following the opinions of his associates. Someone else turns to a work of art—a painting, a poem, or a piece of music. All of these resources may give some degree of comfort. The individual with spiritual understanding, however, does more than regain a stout heart; his prayers can bring healing to his life. He feels his actual, inseparable relationship with God, divine Love, and is blessed by this knowledge.

God's harmonious day
November 12, 1982

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