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Don't fence straddle!

Sometimes it might seem tempting to try to mix the unmixable—that is, to sit atop the fence and dip as desired into matter on one side and spiritual being on the other. But "straddling the fence" results from nothing more than the carnal mind's resistance to Truth.

Getting "off the fence" and taking a strong stand for Christian Science clear and straighten the pathway ahead for spiritual growth and healing. Through the power of the Christ, we can turn aside the pull of fleshly things, the desire to mix the unmixable. When Christ Jesus was tempted by the devil, or carnal mind, he refused the enticements of the world and so demonstrated his oneness with God. This kind of unequivocal stand for Truth is necessary to gain the spiritual understanding of God and to be master of oneself. Mrs. Eddy makes this clear: "The 'flesh lusteth against the Spirit.' The flesh and Spirit can no more unite in action, than good can coincide with evil. It is not wise to take a halting and half-way position or to expect to work equally with Spirit and matter, Truth and error. There is but one way—namely, God and His idea—which leads to spiritual being. The scientific government of the body must be attained through the divine Mind." Science and Health, p. 167.

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April 13, 1981

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