One of a series of articles by young people who have in recent years become Christian Scientists. They explain how they became interested in Christian Science, what convinced them of its utility and truth, and how its teachings have changed their lives.

One reason it wasn't just called the Monitor

Several years ago I was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in South America. One day the jardinero (gardener) brought the day's mail up to our training camp. We all crowded around as he gave out pieces of mail. He handed a newspaper to one of the volunteers next to me. The rest of us immediately saw the name of the paper—it was The Christian Science Monitor. We all teased him about being a religious fanatic! To which he replied, "It's the best newspaper the world has to offer." And he continued, "It really gives accurate reporting and analysis of world events. It's not a propaganda organ of the church." We all laughed, albeit uncomfortably this time, and turned back to our training manuals.

During my two years in the Peace Corps I saw that volunteer only three times, never really getting a chance to talk with him. But I still noticed he always carried around a ragged-eared newspaper. I got to see it once or twice but remained very cautious toward what I thought was a religious newspaper. I remember wanting to read it but being worried that someone would catch me reading a Christian newspaper. "Why wasn't it just called the Monitor?" I asked myself.

Heaven is where you live
February 2, 1981

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