Being open to Truth

Human beings are sometimes like tennis balls. We can seem to be bouncing back and forth on the court of material living, struck by evil events at the one end and by positive ones at the other. When we begin learning who we are, through Christian Science, we're learning how to be inaccessible to evil, learning that the real man is always within the circumference of spiritual good.

One of the first things to do in learning to be unavailable to error is to grow in spirituality. We need to strive to understand that man is spiritual and immortal, amenable to God alone. And this calls for ceasing to pigeonhole oneself as mortal and finite. Man lives forever in divine Love. His unity with God, and God's love for him, are inescapable. When the senses tempt us to believe that man is physical and lacking, suffering or foolish, we can say, "No, not available for you." Then we are laying the foundation for healing.

Christ overcomes the delay and decay of time
November 10, 1980

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