Fight back—and win!

It was a bright and breezy morning—just the kind of day that calls you to go outside and play. But Ryan wasn't happy. This was Tuesday, and that meant he had to go to nursery school. He didn't like the moment his mother would have to leave him there—not one bit. He always fought the teacher who held on to him as his mother left. All the other children stared because he made such a fuss. "I feel so afraid when Mom is gone," he thought. "It's not even fun to go out and play with friends. I just want to stay at home. That way I can see my mom whenever I want."

Many months passed. Ryan no longer went to nursery school or played away from his own house. He just stayed at home. One day when Ryan seemed especially bored, his mom called him over for a talk. She reminded him that God is really the Father and the Mother of each of us, because He made us. Ryan had learned in the Christian Science Sunday School about the Lord's Prayer and about Mrs. Eddy's spiritual interpretation of it in Science and Health. After "Thy kingdom come" in the Lord's Prayer, she writes, "Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present." Science and Health, p. 16; Ryan's mom told him that meant God was always with him, always taking care of him, always loving him wherever he might be. "We can't see God with our eyes, since He is Spirit, but we can know that He is ever present, every minute, and we can open our hearts to feel His love," she said.

January 21, 1980

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