Don't worry—rejoice!

In an elementary school survey, children ranked "worrying" among the top five things parents should do for them. Don't children learn this from hearing parents say half-teasingly, "Worrying gives us gray hair," and "Worrying is what mothers are for"? In television commercials, isn't the model of motherhood sometimes pictured with furrowed brow, worrying about her family's well-being and which detergent, cereal, vitamin, or cold remedy to buy?

It's only mistaken belief—not law—that says parenthood and worry must go hand in hand. We needn't succumb to this lie for a second. Worry is simply fear that not enough good is present, or that if it is, it is not potent enough against evil. Numerous times in the Bible, all of us, parents included, are admonished not to worry. "Be not afraid" and "Fear not," it instructs us. Especially strengthening are the examples of Christ Jesus' comforting command not to be afraid.

Who's telling you?
June 18, 1979

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